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I am Taryn Joy: wife to Marc (the numbers guy who helps make my business possible), mom to Wyatt, Owen and Cora, health nut, mother runner, foodie, wellness nerd, avid reader, wine and coffee snob, and self-proclaimed elderberry maven.

My dad is an equine veterinarian who specializes in alternative medicine, and my mom was a nurse who has always been a champion of herbs. I grew up in Pennsylvania exposed to natural healing as a way of life, and I am passionate about the amazing healing properties of herbs and the ways they can improve our lives.

My other great interest has always been human beings and their widely varying cultures and how those all came to be.  The decision to study anthropology (literally the “science of humanity”) at Michigan State University, and later archaeology at the University of California, Davis, was an easy one.  California was a great place to learn and work in the field of cultural resources management, and also be immersed in natural living, organic foods, and herbal remedies. 


Here in Michigan, while archaeology is still my day job, becoming a parent really reignited my enthusiasm for integrating herbs as a healing way of life. Frustrated by artificial colors and preservatives, and wanting the best for my kids, I started making my own elderberry syrup from organic ingredients and raw local honey when my oldest son was a toddler. He loved it and so did my friends and family; I couldn’t keep up with the demand, and Holistic Joy was born! 

My elderberry syrup is made in small batches in a professional kitchen that is licensed by the State of Michigan. ALL of my products are created using the finest, ingredients that I have hand-picked for my own family.  I want Holistic Joy to be an extension of my kitchen and my love keeping those around me happy and healthy. That’s what truly brings me JOY!

Handmade in Michigan
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